The visual and aural drama of cars is difficult to convey in a single image. Throughout my career as a Car Designer, and subsequently, I have searched for a style that I feel embodies these characteristics.
The method that I use has evolved over many iterations, and continues to evolve towards more and more abstraction. I began by interacting several staggered images, as if they were frames in a film, using both positive and negative images. The negative images represent the “after image” effect. This is when we look away from a colour and the complementary colour persists.
Over time, I have developed a collection of artwork of classic and contemporary cars. I create the pictures as digital images, initially this was to provide the preliminary sketches for artwork rendered in paint and pastels. However, I found that there are numerous advantages to this digital approach. For example, clients can request a unique artwork in a size that suits their requirements. Owning a classic or contemporary car can be a fleeting experience and part of the pleasure of ownership is adding to the story and provenance of the car. I have also created artwork for clients, which shows them driving their cars in the grounds of their property. These pictures remain as a reminder of their tenure of and links to the vehicle, and add to the narrative of the car.
Events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, have also provided the inspiration and subjects for some of my works, which are available as unique items.
Andrew Barber Images Logo Evo 260